Talk & Text

Telephonic and multilingual text services

Telephonic Services

Our telephonic system is flexible and customizable. It allows LanguageUSA to assign specific toll-free numbers, answered by professional interpreters who will:

  • Answer with your company name or greeting
  • Connect within one minute of call initiation
  • Provide assistance to callers according to project instructions

Services include:

  • Random quality assurance calls to all interpreters
  • Archive of call times, length, and conversation details
Email and Text Messaging

Communicate fast with email or text messaging to your limited English proficient (LEP) audience. Ensure that your important message is understood in their native language:

  • Appointment reminders
  • School closures
  • Meeting cancellations
  • Emergency notifications

Contact us now for a quote. A bilingual project manager will gladly discuss your language barriers and provide a customized solution.